Space Decalogue

By Gary Michael Church

I am the LORD thy God
First: The rocket equation is the god of spaceflight.
Pursuit of concepts such as single stage to orbit and reusability defy this god in favor of gambling on impossible performance goals. Concepts such as beam propulsion and Von Braun’s wet workshop properly respect the laws of physics.
Thou shalt have no other gods
When Mammon and Mars (money and war) are worshipped the result is failure. The Apollo 1 fire was Mammon at work and the Apollo program itself a cold war dead end. The military requirements demanded in return for shuttle funding and rumors of shuttle program funds diverted under the table to another defense project (the B-1 bomber) are also illustrative of this transgression.
No graven images or likenesses
Second: Science fiction and public relations are not conducive to actual space travel.
The fantastical is all too often fed to the public as fact and “reality must take precedence over public relations.” Retiring on Mars and “landing back” rocket stages are not realistic goals; they are a charade and a facade.
Not take the LORD’s name in vain
Third: Only nuclear energy can enable space travel.
Pursuing chemical propulsion for human travel beyond the Moon is certainly in vain and the Moon is the only place to acquire cosmic ray water shielding, and assemble, test, and launch nuclear missions into deep space. Nuclear explosive devices used to excavate lunar underground habitat as well as for pulse propulsion systems is the key enabler.
Remember the sabbath day
Fourth: Remember how others have failed and learn- or suffer failure again.
The disastrous 30 engine configuration of the Soviet Moon rocket and the 27 engines of the Falcon “heavy” is one example of NOT learning from the past.
Honour thy father and thy mother
Fifth: Space Travel requires Earth radiation and Earth Gravity.
Cosmic radiation and zero gravity debilitation hazards require a massive shield and artificial gravity system- which in turn leaves a single viable propulsion system; nuclear pulse propulsion.
Thou shalt not kill
Sixth: Lack of powerful escape systems is negligent homicide.
The station-keeping faux escape systems on the Dragon and CST-100 are not comparable to the LAS on the Orion. Such powerful escape systems and super-heavy lift vehicles are also requirements for transporting appropriately packaged fissionable materials directly to the Moon with minimum risk of contamination of the magnetosphere. A nuclear Moon is the prerequisite of any human crewed deep space mission.
Thou shalt not commit adultery
Seventh: Space Flight shall not be confused with tourism: there is no cheap.
GEO space stations, planetary protection, survival colonies, space solar as the solution to climate change- all are goals faithful to advancing and preserving humankind. Space tourism as a display of the obscene spending habits of the ultra-wealthy, subsidized with tax dollars, is the opposite and an obstacle to this good. The sooner the private space farce is exposed the better.
Thou shalt not steal
Eighth: Thou shalt provide oversight or be in league with thieves.
The oversight resulting from the Apollo one fire was largely removed in pursuit of profit and resulted in the Space Shuttle tragedies. The poor design features that so limited the shuttle program were the result of maximizing profit while ignoring consequences.
Thou shalt not bear false witness
Ninth: The terms “Space Travel” and “Spaceship” shall not be falsely claimed.
True “space travel” is defined as missions beyond cislunar space into the outer solar system with a “Spaceship” defined as capable of multi-year missions; a massively shielded, rotating, nuclear pulse propelled vehicle, assembled, tested, and launched from the Moon.
Thou shalt not covet
Tenth: Thou shalt not politicize space travel.
The game of jobs equal votes by way of raiding the public treasury is played by all politicians who covet influence and power. All the good that could be done in space is done away with in this gaming of the system. It is a process that essentially threatens the continuation of humankind by depriving humanity of the resources, security, and insurance against extinction that space offers.


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